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Borsetti-Bishop Wedding

bulletAbout us
bulletAbout our engagement
bulletBlackhawk reception
bulletWhere is Blackhawk?
bulletTraveling to Blackhawk
bulletActivities for the day
bulletBiella wedding
bulletAbout San Giacomo
bulletAbout Palazzo Lamarmora
bulletOrganized activities
bulletSunday activity
bulletWhere is Biella?
bulletAbout Biella
bulletPictures of Biella
bulletShops and outlets in Biella
bulletLocal foods and dishes
bulletRestaurants of the Biellese
bulletTraveling to Biella
bulletPlanning travel to Italy
bulletHotel reservations
bulletMiscellaneous tips for Italy
bulletDriving directions to Biella
bulletTips on driving in Italy
bulletDirections to the wedding
bullet Extended honeymoon
bullet25 June 2003, covering most of Africa: pictures, trip report
bullet21 July 2003, covering Cape Town and Africa: pictures, trip report
bullet21 August 2003, covering Australia: pictures, trip report
bullet25 September 2003, covering Italy and Peru: pictures, trip report
bullet29 October 2003, covering Lima and Chile: pictures, trip report
bullet Fun facts about the trip
bulletPhoto gallery
bulletWhile dating
bulletEngagement party
bulletBlackhawk reception
bulletWedding and reception
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