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About us

Kristen, a.k.a. KB, Kristi, or Kris.

Mike, a.k.a. Borso or, in Italian, Michele.

We currently reside in San Francisco and spend a good part of our winter weekends in Lake Tahoe.


How we met…

Mike and Kristen met in Lake Tahoe doing their favorite thing – skiing / snowboarding. Mike had joined Kristen’s ski house for the 1999 season. They became good friends during this time period and when the ski season was over, they decided to go on their first date. Where? The first date was in Vienna, Austria, dining at the Hotel Sacher and listening to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Zubin Mehta perform a Johann Strauß Gala with singers José Carreras and Andrea Rost in Heldenplatz.

About our engagement…

Mike and Kristen got engaged on September 15, 2002. Mike decided to surprise Kristen by bringing her to his hometown of Biella, Italy for the proposal and a long weekend. Click here for more details.

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