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Limas convento de San Francisco

Interior of Iglesia de San Pedro

One of Lima’s famous wooden balconies; this one is from palacio Torre Tagle

Miraflores (an area of Lima) on a nice day

San Pedro de Atacama and its characteristic dirt roads

San Pedros hispanic catedral

Aerial view of the valle de la luna

A closer view of the valle de la luna

Aerial view of the Valle de Marte, with the Andes in the background

The valle de los dinosauros

On the cordillera del sal, a chain made of salt (the table kind)

Mike on the gran duna in the valle de la luna

The valle de la luna approaching sunset

KB and the Andes at sunset

A rare laguna in the bone-dry salar (salt basin) of Atacama, fed by underground warm water

Grass at the edge of the laguna encrusted by salt from the water

The water is cold at the surface, hot at the bottom (ask Mike for the physics)

…and it’s easy to float with all that salt and minerals!

The church of Chiu-Chiu, Chile’s oldest

View of Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal

Catedral Metropolitana

Palacio de la Moneda

Is it Santiago or the US? KB at a Starbucks in Las Condes

Easter Island from the air: the most isolated inhabited place on earth

Closest inhabited land: Pitcairn Island (pop. 44), 1,260 miles (2000 km) away

Mike and KB at the Moai’s quarry, volcano Rano Raraku

Who has the bigger nose?

Some unfinished moais abandoned on the sides of the volcano

More moais

KB in deep conversation

Moais seemingly trapped by the ground

The only kneeling moai ever made

Mike and toppled moais; all of them were found like this at the beginning of the century

View of Ahu Tangariki, one of the many altars where moais were placed

Ahu Tongariki, the largest one

Ahu Nau Nau’s moais with topknots

Ahu Akivi, the only one inland and first to be restored

Another view of Ahu Akivi

Fisherman’s cove near the only town, Haŋa Roa

Kids playing in Haŋa Roa’s beach

Mike makes a friend

Mike and KB (and friend) at Ahu Tahai

Ahu Tahai and caleta Haŋa Roa in the morning

Sunset in town

Mike’s dad recovering at the hospital in Milano, assisted by Mike's mom

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