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Veduta di Biella - 1612 circa - Sala dei CastelliThe palazzo of the marquis Ferrero della Marmora displays a façade from the end of the 1700s, snaking in five modules for 70m (210ft) following the curve of the boulevard and conserving at its top the family’s coat of arms.

After going through the first courtyard we reach the richly decorated rooms of the ground floor: in the first room a large fireplace with the family’s motto acts as a counter-altar to the portrait of the Lamarmora family realized around 1828 by Pietro Ayres, in which Alfonso and Alessandro Lamarmora also appear.

Sala dei CastelliThe room of the Castles conserves a ceiling frescoed around the middle of the 1600s with the depictions of the thirty-three castles in property of the family, among which we note in the center a view of the city of Biella; in the lower part a succession of coat of arms realized in the 1800s recalls the weddings of the Ferrero La Marmoras from the beginning of the 1400s until recent times: the diamond-shapes contain coat of arms of the women from other families that married Ferreros, while the shields are coat of arms of the men united with Ferrero women. On the ceiling of the Green salotto there are frescoes of allegorical composition alternated with floral motifs and chimerical animals, that culminate in the center in the two coat of arms if the Ferrero Lamarmora and the Solaro di Moretta which united in 1623, as recalled by the date in the center of the decoration.

Sala dell'AlcovaIt follows the alcove, a bedroom realized in the 1700s, and the room of the Mottis, whose ceiling is frescoed with animals flanked by mottoes. The veranda contain an exemplar of a century-old Ficus repens and opens into a larger garden, from which you enjoy a view over the entire city.Garden and view


Text from Biella e Provincia, Guida d’Italia, Touring Club Italiano, 2002 (own translation)


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