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Beach in Mauritius

Mike and KB in Mauritius from Trou au Cerfs

View from hiking to the top of le Pouce

KB and lotus pond at Pamplemousses gardens

Mike at the victoria regia water lilies pond

Mauritian sunset from our room

Arriving Mombo Airstrip (Botswana) on a 206

Mike and KB relaxing at our “tent” in Kings Pool

KB taking a real close-up picture of a lion in the wilderness!

KB’s picture

Mike and bored lion walking away from us

Lion in the morning sun

Lion cubs playing–1

Lion cubs playing–2

Lion pride feasting after a kill

The lions’ kill: a cape buffalo!

Male lion close-up

Giraffes checking us out

KB taking picture of a leopard in the wilderness—note how close he is!


Mike photographing a sunset on the Linyanti river

The picture he took

Elephants crossing the Linyanti river from Botswana to Namibia at sunset

Full moon rising shortly thereafter

Young male impalas

Kudu bull and baby

A family of baboons


White-fronted bee-eater

Nile crocodile

Burchell’s zebras

Elephants drinking in the wilderness

Elephants drinking from the Chobe river

Emptying the trunk full of water in his mouth

Young elephant smelling locked humans in the car

Mom elephant checking us out from very close

A hippo close-up

Mike and KB riding an elephant

Our shadow

View from the top

Borso talking to the elephant

KB feeding the elephant

View of Victoria Falls

Main falls—93 meters tall

In the spray of the falls

The famous bridge over the Zambesi

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